We talked about the importance of not focusing too much on the finer details and losing sight of the bigger picture in our last post. One type of writing for which this is paramount, is your CV.

A common mistake many people make with their CV is putting in too many (often not completely relevant) details. Too often, CVs describe all of the person’s skills and experience in far too much detail, even if these are not entirely related to the position they’re looking for. This makes the CV too focused on the past, rather than on your future.

When writing (or rewriting) your CV, take the time to think about which of your skills and experience are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Try to make sure that YOU are the focus, not that your experience is the focus.

The purpose of a CV is to sell yourself. You want to give the reader a great impression immediately, but give them just enough to be interested and intrigued to find out more, and they’ll invite you for an interview.

So, when it comes to your CV, don’t get bogged down in writing about absolutely everything you’ve done; stand back, reflect on where you want to be and look at the bigger picture.

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