If you’re in need of some encouragement, inspiration or just some great reading on the topic of writing, we’ve curated a pretty good list that should keep you going for a while.

List of writing advice from famous authorsWhy I write by George Orwell

Why I write by Joan Didion

Why I write by Terry Tempest Williams

Why I write what I write by Minae Mizumura

Everything you need to know about writing successfully – in ten minutes by Stephen King

The pleasure of writing by A. A. Milne

On keeping a notebook by Joan Didion

Write till you drop by Annie Dillard

Thoughts on writing by Elizabeth Gilbert

Directions: write, read, rewrite. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed by Susan Sontag

On finding a plot by Charles S. Brooks

The genteel style in writing by Charles Lamb

Where do you get your ideas by Neil Gaiman

For brevity and clarity by Ambrose Bierce

To an unknown reader by Charles S. Brooks

How to write with style by Kurt Vonnegut

On style by Susan Sontag

That crafty feeling by Zadie Smith

Easy on the adverbs, exclamation points and especially hooptedoodle by Elmore Leonard

Shitty first drafts by Anne Lamott

On inaccuracy by Hilaire Belloc

Readers and writers by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

The figure a poem makes by Robert Frost

Tradition and the individual talent by T. S. Eliot

Now over to you. Why do you write?