You know the importance of adding good quality images to your texts, but finding relevant ones that you can freely use isn’t always that easy.

We love Unsplash at Editing Angel and recommend it to our clients. Every 10 days they email you 10 new high-resolution images that you can do anything with. All their photos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero meaning you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission.

Unsplash also don’t require you to give any attribution to the photographer or themselves, although we always think it’s professional to do so.

However, one feature Unsplash didn’t have was the ability to search their catalogue of photos. Thankfully now they do! Amazingly the community of Unsplash users helped out by tagging the huge collection in less than 10 days (they do like the number 10), so now you can search by subject and tag.

You’ll find the search icon on the homepage, just above the first featured image.

Unsplash Search Icon


Clicking on the icon gives you the ability to filter the images using one of the six subjects and/or search for a specific tag.

Unsplash Search Feature


Why don’t you go try it out for yourself? A great resource that just got even better.