One of the questions we’ve been asked this week is what’s the difference between the two nouns ‘patients’ and ‘patience’, and then we came across this notice.

English mistakes

Source: Seth Wekheiser (Flickr)

Patients: a noun, the plural of ‘patient’, meaning someone who receives medical care or
Example: Patients can choose a large or small portion from the hospital menu.

Patience: a noun, referring to the ability to wait or endure hardship for a long time without
becoming upset.
Example: I hate long queues. I just don’t have much patience.

‘Patients’ and ‘patience’ are perhaps confused because
– they’re homophones (they’re pronounced exactly the same; the last ‘t’ of ‘patients’ is silent);
– they’re spelled almost the same (only the final two letters are different).

Can you now correct the notice above?