This month has seen many new words and terms, and also new meanings, added to the Oxford English dictionary (OED).

These new additions include:

  • beatboxer, n. – a performer who uses (amplified) vocal effects to imitate the sounds and rhythms of hip-hop music.
  • bestie, n. – a person’s best friend; a very close friend.
  • demotivated, adj. – to feel less enthusiastic to work or study.
  • ethnopharmacological, adj. – related to the scientific study of substances used medicinally by different ethnic or cultural groups, especially folk remedies.
  • exfoliator, n. – something that causes material to be shed in scales or layers.
  • scissor-kick, v. – to perform a kick which involves a scissor-like motion of the legs, as in swimming or soccer.

Can you come up with your own definitions for these new entries?

  • DIYer, n.
  • do-over, n.
  • scientificness, n.
  • toilet-paper, v.
  • wackadoo, adj. and n.

Check out the full list of new additions here.