Pirate PuccoAhoy me hearties!

Fellow buccaneers and poor land lubbers, today be t’ best day o’ t’ year. Aye, today be ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’!

Yo ho ho and shiver me timbers! Batten down t’ hatches, put on your peg leg, shine t’ cutlass and keep a tight grasp on your doubloons.

‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ was started 19 years ago by Ol’ Chumbucket (John Baur) and Cap’n Slappy (Mark Summers). Check out all t’ swashbuckling ideas and all t’ pirate fun people around t’ world be having’ today on t’ official website.

Don’t worry if ye can’t talk Pirate. There be a very handy English t’ Pirate translator on t’ website. And if you be a pirate in need o’ some company, thar be also some pick up lines ye can use (me favourite is ‘Come on up and see me urchins’)!

Batten down t’ hatches and happy Pirate Day to ye.