Whether you’re starting out or have an established business, identifying the needs of your clients is vital in order to keep them, as well as to gain new customers.

A common mistake businesses make is putting too much focus on the features of their product or services, assuming these features are the perfect solution for their target customers. But you should never make assumptions about clients’ (or future clients’) needs.

So how can you determine the needs of your target customer?

The best and easiest way is to ask them.

You can talk to them one-to-one, send out a survey or feedback form, or organise an event for your clients to come together and exchange ideas. You could also talk to your clients’ customers to better understand how to help your client address their customers’ needs.

However, identifying your clients’ needs is just the first step. Even if your product or service addresses the client’s needs perfectly, they have to want and also be motivated enough to pay for it.

You can focus on potential clients who are actively looking for the solutions and benefits your business provides, as they already have the motivation to take the risk.

For other potential clients, clearly show how you can save them money. Show what you provide clearly exceeds their risk in investing in it and perhaps even exceeds their expectations.

What methods do you use to identify your client needs?