After Paul Armstrong’s excellent advice for making social media manageable even on a tight schedule, we thought we’d add some of our own tips.Source: Commons Wikimedia Org

Source: Commons Wikimedia Org

Think quality rather than quantity

When you don’t have much time to commit to your social media networks, it’s much better to focus on giving your followers great content less often rather than filling their feeds with content they don’t find useful or interesting.

Focus rather than overextend

When you have limited time, you can’t possibly cover all the social media networks out there. Commit to the one (or ones) that enable you to reach a larger audience and engage with the biggest number of people. If you personally like a particular social network, you’ll already have a better knowledge of using it so use that knowledge to your advantage.

Respond and share

When people use social media they want to know they’re being listened to. Respond to your followers, and share their updates and the hashtags they use. Give them shoutouts, for instance Follow Fridays #FF on Twitter. You can also ask followers for feedback. Be an active player in your social media community.

What other advice would you give someone who’s short of time?