Anne Willicombe


With an extensive background in academia and
educational management, and superb English
language skills, Anne has been nurturing and
coaching professionals, start-ups and
established companies for over ten years,
helping them grow through better communication.

Being obsessed with words and the written language from a young age, together with a need to nurture others, it was natural she started her working life as a secondary school teacher. Leaving her native Australia to see the world, she taught English before falling in love with Italy and focusing on teacher training while managing a language school there.

After moving to the UK with her future (Italian) husband, she lectured in English for 6 years at London Metropolitan University before taking a break to focus on her family.

Founding Editing Angel in 2009, the business initially focussed on providing written communication consultancy to professionals and students. However acknowledging the need for better online communication, Anne expanded her expertise to also offer social media marketing. A staunch believer in quality over quantity, she has since worked with entrepreneurs and SMEs to connect more effectively with their online audience by creating and implementing engaging, consumer-focused marketing strategies.

Alongside this, Anne is the Marketing Director for Kharalis, a London-based talent management consultancy, where she continues to develop her skills as a digital marketing specialist.

When Anne isn’t tweeting or blogging (about food and grief), you’ll find her under a pile of unfinished craft projects, concocting something in the kitchen to feed her family and friends, or madly scooting after her young son, all while dreaming about a world free from longwinded, unclear communication.

Editing Angel is named in memory of Anne’s daughter Sofia.

Follow Editing Angel on Twitter where Anne loves giving free advice or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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“The writer who breeds more words than he needs,
is making a chore for the reader who reads.

Theodore Geisel “Dr Seuss” (1904-1991), American writer and poet