For days when the voices in my head tell me I’m not good enough or that I shouldn’t try something outside my comfort zone or that my ideas aren’t original enough, I turn to TED talks for a confidence boost. Here are 3 that inspire me to keep going.

What do you do when you’re doubting your abilities?

embracing vulnerability and rejection

The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown talks about her research into vulnerability and her discovery that fully embracing the power of vulnerability and letting go of who you think you should be gives you the courage to be imperfect as well as a willingness to invest in things that might not work out. Even if it’s not comfortable and even when there are no guarantees, allowing yourself to be vulnerably seen by others helps you believe you’re worthy and believe you’re enough.


Tales of creativity and play

Fear of judgement makes us afraid to share our ideas with other people and makes us scared of taking risks. When we’re children, we’re more open to different possibilities. Faced with a new object, kids will explore all the creative ways to use it, but as we get older we move away from these playful creative explorations and also start to self-edit our creativity, stopping ourselves from developing ideas because they’re too silly, aren’t original enough and so on. Tim Brown explains that by relearning our playing skills we can be more creative and more confident about taking risks and sharing our ideas. You can be a serious adult AND play!


What I learned from 100 days of rejection

In order to overcome the pain and shame that often comes with rejection, Jia Jiang decided to try to desensitize himself by filming himself getting rejected for 100 days. His research project not only helped him to overcome his fear of rejection but lead him to discover the magic power of asking ‘Why?’ and that sharing a doubt can lead to trust. His inspiring message is don’t let rejection define you, instead embrace it.


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