Editing Angel is a writing and social media consultancy, based in Surrey UK.
Specialising in content marketing, we help companies and professionals
across the world improve their brand and online presence.

We help you provide truly valuable and useful content to your audience,
leading to increased sales and more loyal customers
while creating a solid basis for your other marketing strategies.

Put your content marketing into our expert hands and
save yourself the stress, time and effort doing it yourself.

Show me how to give my customers great content they want to share

If your needs are more focused on your online audience or you need a copywriter,
we offer a variety of writing and social media services.

If you want to improve your mindset and have more satisfaction in your life,
our coaching services can help you grow and achieve goals you thought were out of reach.

Writing Services

If you find writing difficult, you’re not alone; many people find it hard to accurately express their thoughts. Editing Angel offer a wide range of writing services, both professional and personal. These can be tailored to your individual needs, which save you time and stress while saving your readers from confused unclear writing.
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Social Media Consulting

Developing an effective social media marketing strategy can be a time-consuming challenge. Engaging with your online audience is a great way to stay ahead of your competitors but you need to ensure your ‘brand voice’ isn’t left to chance. Why not reap the benefits of having a digital marketing specialist on hand?
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Coaching Services

Life moves at a fast pace and we can often feel overwhelmed or anxious. Perhaps you’re feeling important goals are out of reach or you don’t know how to make the changes in your life you so desire? Personal development coaching will help you make significant changes as you learn you have more choices than you thought.
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No job is too big or too small,
from proofreading blog posts to writing marketing copy,
from auditing your website to developing your social media strategy,
whether your CV needs reworking or you have writer’s block,
whether you need help just for one project or regular guidance,
Editing Angel is here to help.

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